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3R - All 1/6 Scale WWII Boxed Action Figures

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3R Action Figures, 3 Reich 1/6 Scale Action Figures

Unless you are a collector of scale action figures, then it’s hard to really understand the passion that comes with curating your own collection and the meaning behind each WW2 action figure. Battle Zone Hobbies was founded by a collector, that’s why we pride ourselves in offering you rare and hard to find items, such as our 3 Reich action figures.

Our selection of 3R action figures includes a wide variety of boxed German action figures. In our collection, you can find everything from historical obergruppenführers to generals to soldiers and more. These action figures are manufactured by 3 Reich, which is a world leader in the production of super realistic and detailed German action figures. Every single item of our 3R scale figure selection contains hard-to-believe physical details that look almost real, such as eyes and skin color.

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