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Max - Actual Customer of Battle Zone Hobbies & his unique hobby with 1/6 scale military figures.

This is Max and as you can tell he loves to take pictures with his 'Canon Rebel t3i SLR'. As a matter of fact his unique hobby with 1/6 scale military figures is to take pictures of 'Dragon' figures in the outdoors while they look like they are in actual combat. Here is a sample of what he does:

Max is a 20 year old college student, currently living in Fargo North Dakota attending school, but grew up in Iowa & Minnesota in the United States. I asked him what was his most unique figure that he owns & his response was a 'custom-made SS soldier wearing oak leaf camouflage'. He states 'that he loves Dragon figures because they look good and are pretty affordable for a college student like me'. His most expensive figure is the 2004 Dragon 1/6 scale Fallschirmjager 'Erwin Stangenberg', that he bought for $110.00 on Ebay recently. He purchased his first Dragon figure in January 2015, it was 'Eugen Brecht' and he states that, 'I found him at an antique store in Fargo for $45.00'. Although he was 18 years old, Max has been collecting World War II & other military related toys since he was a little kid. He states, 'I've always been fascinated by military history, as I had relatives that fought in World War II, Vietnam, The Gulf War, & the fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan'. He's also a huge fan of 'Star Wars' and have been collecting 'Star Wars' toys for about the same time. He mentions that he has been 'doing 'toy photography' with 'Forces of Valor' model tanks, airplanes, cars, & other military vehicles since late 2012'. Here are some other pictures that Max sent in:

Here is an actual figure that Max bought from 'Battle Zone Hobbies', his name is Oskar Hodel & he is a Dragon figure. Here is some pictures of Oskar:

Max can be found on Instagram under the name: 'fovmodels' or you can use this

Thank you for sharing your unique hobby with us, Max!