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Jack (Owner) Battle Zone Hobbies unique hobby with 1/6 scale military figures.

My unique hobby is collecting 3R heads, that are decorated, with their hats and iron crosses and showing them in a custom made acrylic display case that I installed an LED lighting system on the top of the display case & installed plastic mirrors (which are easier to cut than real mirror & a lot easier to install since they are sticky on the back of them) on the back wall. I got a custom made acrylic display case (which is 24x16x6 & it was under $75.00), off the internet, & individual head display cubes (From China, which cost a bloody fortune even with a discount & cost 3 times as much as the rest of the materials) and I used the bases and the suction cups, to hold the heads with their hats and iron crosses. The suction cups don't stick at all, so I had to super glue them onto their bases. I have still found no use for those individual head display cubes, as when I'm finished I should have 39 of them. I plan on making 2 more display cases (which I have all the materials for) that are half the size of mine & selling them on here or I might try an auction site. I have about $3000.00 worth of heads, hats, iron crosses, head display cubes, & the display case, but that doesn't account for the paint, brushes, super glue, wood glue, LED lighting system, & 1 package of plastic mirrors or the labor. My most expensive head would have to be Adolf Hitler (1940-1945), which I paid $200.00 for. I bought most of my hard to find heads, hats, & iron crosses (goebbels, 2 Hitler's, & Himmler, from a guy out on the East coast). Yes, you could say that this is a kind of pricey hobby!

These are not the official photos that I will load later like I said below. But it will give you an idea of the size and you will be able to see some of my heads.

I will take lots of pictures as I'm kind of proud of it. I will finish this project at a later date complete with photos as I have to dig it out of storage.
Until then...